About Fairness and Provably Fair

EZFury implements a provably fair system for participation in all game modes.

Provably fair is a method of proving that the outcome of a game was not altered once it started and guarantees fairness.

In order to prove this, a game hash is issued before every game that takes place on EZFury which cannot be altered once the game has started.

This game hash is a combination of a floating-point number (i.e. 0.1234567) that is used to calculate the winner of any game, and random data that is used to ensure the game hash cannot be reverse engineered.

The winner of any game is determined by the value of the floating-point number, which cannot be altered after the game is created, therefore demonstrating that the account is provably fair.


All numbers are generated on our server using a random-data device.

The random-data device generates numbers randomly by using input from random events occurring in the physical environment where it is housed.

The device uses a combination of voltage fluctuations, heat readings, background noise and other physical inputs in order to seed random number generation.

It is not possible to know what number will be generated next by the random-data device.

Why Not Random.org?

At EZFury we have decided to rely on a hardware randomisation device rather than using Random.org.

There are several reasons for this, but the primary one is that it is possible to utilise multiple calls to Random.org via the API in order to get the outcome you want. This defeats the objective of fair gaming.

As an example, think of rolling a dice wanting a 6. If you didn't get the 6 on the first roll, just keep rolling until you get a 6. Then tell everyone you rolled a 6 on the first throw - there is no way to know that you didn't. The same is true with Random.org.

Game Hashes And Outcomes

Using numbers generated by the random-data source, we generate first a game float which will determine the outcome of a game.

Secondly, a random hexadecimal output (the game random) is generated which is used in order to obfuscate the game hash so that it cannot be reverse engineered.

The game float and game random are concatented in a string and this is run through the SHA-256 hashing algorithm to produce the game hash.

This game hash is shown at the start of every game, and shows that the outcome of the game is already fixed and unchangeable, ergo we cannot alter the result of the game.

At the end of the game, the game float and game random are shown with the game result and can be verified by clicking on the game hash.

This verification proves that the game float and game random were used to produce the game hash and that there is no way they could have been modified.

This demonstrates that it is simply impossible for us to modify the outcome of any game on the site.

Independent Verification

It is easy to indepedently verify the outcome of a game on EZFury.

Once a game is finished, click the game hash in order to view the provably fair method in use for that game.

For example, in Jackpot, the game hash is produced using sha256('GameFloat|GameRandom');.

To verify externally, use any online SHA256 hash generator and paste in 'GameFloat|GameRandom' (excluding quotes).

This will generate a hash externally that you can prove matches the hash we showed throughout the game on the site.

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